Incense - Rope Incense (Nag Champa)
Incense - Rope Incense (Nag Champa)
Incense - Rope Incense (Nag Champa)

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Incense - Rope Incense (Nag Champa)

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Hand made in Nepal using traditional methods is this unique rope incense. Utilising finely powdered herbs, botanicals and fragrances that are twisted and braided into the lokta paper to form a rope like dhoop stick. 

Lokta paper is a sustainable and eco-friendly shrub that grows in the Himalayas making it an eco friendly and sustainable paper choice. 

Measurements: Each rope incense length measures approx 9cm in length.

Weight: 20g bundle of approx 40 lengths of rope incense contained.  

Burn time will vary and depend on the draft and breeze, but each stick has an approximate burn time of around 15 mins.

Rope incense can be burned horizontally on a heatproof plate or dish or alternatively by hanging vertically on a rope incense burner. Simply light the end and gently blow the flame out allowing the incense to smoulder and release its fragrant aromatic smoke. 

Nag Champa ~ made from natural herbs, gums, resins and sandalwood gives you the most enchanting aroma. 

This aroma is formulated for peace, prayer and pleasure.